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Online Dressage International

Train, Compete, Achieve.

Welcome dressage riders everywhere!


Here at Online Dressage International, we are passionate about providing a supportive forum where you and your horse can compete from the comfort of your own barn, accessing the very best of judges' feedback from across the globe and, of course, the chance to win prizes in a range of classes to suit absolutely everyone.

Become part of our ODI competition community on Facebook, where you can get to know other competitors, receive support,  and make friends with like-minded riders across the globe: from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.


So, from our barn to yours: welcome and let the dressage begin! Competing with us can be as small as your own back-yard, as wide as the world or as vast as your dressage dreams!

Image by Vladislav Klapin

Join an International Community of Riders

Online Dressage International has competitors, judges and coaches from across the globe, proving that dressage has no borders. We also host an unparalleled range of specialist classes: so whether you ride an Iberian horse, an OTTB, a veteran or a Connemara, you will find a class to suit you. On the menu, you will find our tests to download, show schedules and our online shop to purchase entries. The blog and results section will keep you up to date on judge's biographies, equestrian articles, how to guides, and of course, show and league results. Find us on Facebook or email


Who Are Online Dressage International?

We are a family of dressage riders, (both professional and passionately amateur!) and we want to bring our enthusiasm and experience to an online competition venue where riders, of all ages, standards and backgrounds, can compete. 

Online dressage is the perfect way to compete, improve and achieve from the comfort of your own home, on a time scale that works for you. You can compete in our league, individually or as a team, or simply choose any show date that suits you. 

Our ODI tests have been specially choreographed by judges and dressage coaches and allow you to progress through the levels. You gain access to the very best of constructive feedback from judges, personally handpicked from across the globe. And of course, our wide range of classes mean there is something for everyone, whether you are just starting out, have a veteran or OTTB, or want to perfect your mastery of the top levels. 

Our customer service is second to none. There are rosettes for every competitor and we are always on hand to support and advise every step of the way.


Getting  Started

Eliminate the stress from dressage!  No travelling. No taking your your horse out at strange venues. No need for plaiting or expensive outfits - though if you want to dress up, embrace it!  Expenses are reduced, performance is maximised!  Your test is private, and you can monitor your own performance – against your own barn members – or worldwide, the choice is yours!


Entering a Class

ODI is all about ease of use for you, the competitor. To enter a class, simply go the the Entries section, select your class and purchase your entry. We have classes to suit everyone: lead rein, breed specific classes, RoR and more, as well as the classic dressage levels.
When you have purchased your entry, then download the test from our 'Tests' section and get practising! For our Classic Dressage Classes, the test will be specified but there will be a long or short arena version for you to choose from. For our Specialist Dressage Classes, you can 'Pick Your Own' test so simply choose the ability level you normally compete at from the series earmarked for the show (for example, Series A, B or C). We are on hand to answer any questions you might have. Use the contact form below, chat function or email us at

Image by Daphne

Filming Your Test

Firstly, set up your arena. Your short arena should be 20 metres by 40 metres and a long arena is 20 metres by 60 metres. Check out our blog on how to mark out your arena correctly. You are more than welcome to mark out your arena in your field or other surface and can use poles, cones, buckets to denote dressage letters and corners.

Whoever is videoing must stand at the letter C. A smart phone is absolutely fine for this job but it is your responsibility to make sure that horse and rider are visible at all points of the test. Video in landscape please. The sound must be turned on and the date of videoing must be stated at the start of the video. Please also state the name of the rider, horse and the test being ridden at the start of the video.

For the Freestyle to music class, music must be played live as the rider performs their test.

Please see our blog posts for tips on how to best video your test. Send your video via a YouTube link or WeTransfer to Alternatively, contact us to find out our number for WhatsApp.

Image by Elisa Pitkänen

Uploading your Test

Videos are to be uploaded to YouTube or sent via WeTransfer (no sign up required). Check out our blog for a step by step guide on how to do this and remember, if you need help, we are on hand, no matter how small the issue. If you do not have access to YouTube, please message us and we can work out an alternative. Our email is
We will have your test judged by one of our experienced and qualified panel of dressage judges world-wide. When the results have been collated, you will receive your test sheet via email.
Then you will have the excitement of show day when the results will be published! And of course, then your personalised ODI rosette will be posted to your home.


Individual and Team Leagues

ODI aims to be a completely flexible experience so you do not need to be part of the league to compete. You can enter shows at any time.
However, we have some fabulous league prizes on offer: including gorgeous sashes and vouchers. To be eligible for league prizes, the same horse / rider combination must compete in four out of six shows (one of which has to be the final). 
League prizes will be awarded based on a points system.
Prizes will be awarded at the end of the league and these will be determined by the amount of entries in each class.
Getting a team together can be an amazing way to keep motivated and support one another. Entry in the Team league must be purchased separately to individual entries but covers the entire league. Teams of either three or four, with the best three collective results to count. Team league prizes will be awarded separately, alongside any other league prizes so it's a great opportunity to train and win together.

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All Videos

All Videos
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Progress Not Perfection

Progress Not Perfection

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Ashlea King & Benford Experienced Test B Short Arena June 18

Ashlea King & Benford Experienced Test B Short Arena June 18

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Nicola Davison Achiever B Show 2

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