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Filming a Test

Test Filming! Thought we would do a quick post on effective filming of your test. As we all know, tech can be a hassle and some arenas are easier to film in than others but it's your responsibility to make sure the judge can see your movements. After all, as in a 'live' competition, they can only judge what they can see. So, grab a cup of tea, and have a read.

As you can see in the video below (courtesy of our sister company Pegasus Dressage Music), the arena is less than ideal as the videographer has to stand quite close to C (there is a wall in the way). However, the videographer does their best to ensure that they track the horse as much as possible so they are kept in view, including into the corners. This is filmed on a normal smart phone so no need for fancy kit. We have lots of competitors who use tracking devices (e.g. Pixem or Pixio) but make sure they will do your job as some will not track a long arena from C. Ask advice before investing your money.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Videographer stands at C. If this is not possible, A is fine but let us know in advance so we can inform your judge.

  2. Film in landscape (NOT portrait) so more of the arena is visible.

  3. Markers must be visible. Not necessarily denoted with actual letters, but in the correct places so judge can assess accuracy.

  4. When possible, the videographer must maintain a view down the centre line, except when tracking the horse.

  5. Where possible, and especially in the halts, show the horse's hooves.

  6. If light isn't perfect, you can wear bright clothing and bright wrap boots are allowed on your horse. Always wear gloves.

  7. For a short arena, you should not need to zoom. Use your judgement for the long arena.

Remember: the more your judge can see, the more astute their evaluation of your performance, thus allowing you to get every single mark available to you, including marks for accurate riding of movements and shapes.

You don't have to be particularly talented to film a test. Pretty much point and shoot with your phone. However, we know mistakes happen. If, for whatever reason, your camera loses sight of your horse, or if you have a hiccup, you can run it past us first before submission.

Have fun filming (and bribing those videographers!). We are on hand to answer any questions at all about the tech side of things and happy to advise on kit. Good luck in the upcoming shows. Don't forget you can record your tests at any point and submit, so if you know the weather is not going to be kind, or that you're going to be snowed under with work, you can always film a few tests in a single session.

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