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Getting the most out of your score sheet!

As you know, we cycle around our series of ODI Test Series for each league. We begin with Test Series A for our first show. B for the second and C for the third. So, Show 4 is when we cycle back around to Test Series A.

We have designed the league structure in this way for a very specific reason: we are absolutely passionate about facilitating your progress over the course of a six show league. To that end, this is the time to put your hands on those score sheets from Show 1 and act on the judge's feedback. You can re-watch your Show 1 test video (embedded in your score sheet) alongside your comments, meaning your targets for this upcoming show should be crystal clear. With the level of detail our judges provide (often including training tips!), it is like having a virtual dressage coach at your fingertips and an aspect of competing where online dressage really hits the mark.

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