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Meet the Judge: Italian Grand Prix Judge Norma Ridi

Updated: May 3, 2022

Many of you will have had the benefit of Italy based FISE judge Norma Ridi as part of our recent Elite Invitational. We explore Norma's trajectory to top dressage judge and coach. Thrilled to have her on board and hopefully many of you will be riding up the centre line for her in the coming Fall League.

Norma began her equestrian journey in the seventies - attending standard training in basic dressage and show jumping, and was granted a license as a Horse Trekking Guide from former ANTE (National Association for Equestrian Tourism) in Italy.

Not content with simply riding, in1988, she attended a Dressage Judge course culminating in her appointment as a Grand Prix Judge in November 2010.

A firm believer in continuing professional development, she attends many FEI course and judge training around Europe, including the FEI Course in Zakrzov, Poland (FEI Judges' Seminar & EEF Seminar), held by 5* FEI Judge Katrina Wuest and several training sessions for GP shadow judging in international shows at Madrid. Salzburg and Budapest.

Norma has also judged in France a Master Iberique session in 2015 as a guest foreign judge so a real advantage to some of our competitors riding the Iberian breeds!

She has also been appointed as a member of a panel of three judges for the selection of Italian team for the European Juniores and Young Riders Championship in Hungary.

Wanting to build on her judging expertise, Norma became a Dressage Instructor for SIEC (Società Italiana di Equitazione Classica) in January 2021.

Currently, she is actively judging and training riders, always a benefit to a judge who needs to understand the experiences in the saddle.

One of her trainees, Silver Massarenti, won a silver medal in Kur at the European Final of Master Iberique in London 2018, and a gold medal in Paris in 2019 in the same show. She presently coaches riders throughout Italy and Switzerland up to GP level.

Online Dressage International are delighted to have Norma on board and the feedback on her judging has been super. A great opportunity for riders to gain the inside track on dressage test riding from a top judge and coach. Looking forward to having her back this Fall League.

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