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ODI Spring League Show 3 Results

Best day of the week, where we get to celebrate your successes and hard work. Some firm but fair judging from our four judges on our most difficult test series to date. So well done on every half percent because you've earned it!

Hope you can join us for Show 4 on the 28th of March, when we cycle back around to ODI Test Series A to give you the opportunity to act on judge comments. It's all about facilitating progression so dig out those Test A score sheets and give yourself time to perfect those challenging movements, whether it be the straightness of your centre lines or the angle of your shoulder ins.

We also intend to finalise teams in the next day or two so it will be the perfect chance to keep each other motivated as we head towards our final Show 6 in April. If we haven't contacted you about teams and you'd like to be involved, drop us a message. Scores can be backdated for your team. It is four shows to count and you can always record in advance.

So again, congratulations! Hope you're enjoying every second and benefiting from the judge feedback. It's what it's all about!

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