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ODI Spring League Show 5 Running Order

Keeping the impetus going as we head towards out final show of the Spring League: our favourite show as we get to celebrate your hard work, both as individuals and as teams.

Super to see our breed/type specialist classes so well supported in this show: we brief our judges to reward the qualities of particular kinds of dressage mounts in these classes and it is always nice to compete against other competitors with the same advantages and challenges. Dressage really is for every horse.

Our Summer Championships will be taking place in May so keep an eye out for the date. We have some very exciting sponsors in the pipeline and it follows the ever popular two test format. We have also expanded our schedule to include some non-championship classes, as well as some fun classes which encompass dressage in all its forms. The Summer newsletter with all the information you'll need to get involved will be dropping into inboxes soon.

So without further ado: your running order for the penultimate show of the league and best of luck to all competitors!

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