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Online Dressage International Fall League Team Championships

What a close race this Team League has been! Of course, we all love ribbons and sashes but one of the absolute high points of this Online Dressage International Fall League has been the connections forged between our teams with members from all over the world. We certainly feel like we have gotten to know you and your horses all personally and love to see you all thriving.

The league has seen the inevitable ups and downs of family and work life; weather that hasn't played ball; horse injuries and accidents - but the one constant has been the shared love of dressage which has kept these teams going and celebrating each other's successes. And that, as we all know, is what it is all about. You will find nothing more supportive than being on a team and (regardless of age or expertise) when we lift each other, we all rise.

So, as specified, your overall team score is comprised of your top three averages from your team of four (this allows a little bit of wiggle room for horses/rider combinations being out of action). Your averages are taken from your four best scores out of the six shows (Final Show not required). As you can see, it has been very tight at the top, albeit with one clear winner.

So time to congratulate each other, hug those talented horses, and hopefully we'll see many of you in our Spring League beginning in February. If you have qualified for our Winter Championships in January, you will shortly be receiving an email confirming eligibility and details. The perfect way to begin the New Year with a bang!

Until next league, enjoy those ribbons and sashes, have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family and, lastly, thank you from all the team at Online Dressage International. 2021 has been a blast! xx

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