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Online Dressage International Show 6 Final: the schedule and deadlines.

Who can believe we are at the final of our summer league? There has been some absolutely fabulous test riding and your commitment to your own progress (and to your respective teams!) has been top notch. Soon we are going to be able to celebrate those achievements and the team here at ODI honestly cannot wait (sashes and rosettes are ready and waiting).

In the meantime, one final show to go and everything to play for. Remember, you must compete in your chosen class in this final show for the individual leagues so make this last score count!

For our amazing teams, forging friendships across all four corners of the globe, one of you is soon to be crowned overall champions. Best three scores from the team of four to count. We envisage some celebration on the cards!

So, pore over those scoresheets, tack up and enter at A. Show 6 is round the corner!

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