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Online Dressage International Spring League Show 1

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

What a brilliant way to kick off our Spring League: beautifully presented tests, healthy, happy horses in peak condition and riders at the top of their game!

Thanks to everyone (judges and competitors) for being part of our first show in the Online Dressage International Spring League. We hope you will aim for both the Team and the Individual Leagues: to be eligible you will need four scores out of six. Drop us a message if you would be like to matched up with a team comprising riders from all over the globe. Dressage really is universal!

Our date for Show 2 is the 28th of February for test submissions and we will be using ODI Test Series B.

So: no more time to waste, let's get to the results and congratulations on your excellent scores. All of our judges commented on how high the standard was with riders and handlers and they were certainly not giving marks away so you have earned every half percent!

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