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Online Dressage International Spring League Show 2 Running Order

As the weather turns a little kinder to our riders in both hemispheres, there's a sense of fresh starts in the air as we welcome new faces and loyal combinations back for Show 2.

Our community is up and running on Facebook so please do join the group here: One of the highlights of Online Dressage International is the connections we make with riders all over the world so the group is a place to chat all things dressage and even do a little bragging about your successes (as well as supporting one another on the fails!). Feel free to invite friends: you don't need to be an ODI competitor - just to have a love of all things equestrian.

We absolutely love 'match making' rider teams from all over the world, so if you would like to be part of an international team of riders, let us know. It's a wonderful way of making friendships with likeminded people and supporting one another along our dressage journeys. Register your horse/rider combinations here:

Dip in and out of single shows as it suits, or aim for four shows out of six for both the Team and Individual Class Leagues.

Got questions? PM us or email at and best of luck to all our combinations dancing up the centre line this week.

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