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Online Dressage International Spring League Show 4 Results

Some super (and extremely close!) results this show! Hope you're all benefiting from the variety of different judges we've had on board this league. We handpick judges from all over the world based on their constructive approach and level of detail so hopefully it's like having an extra pair of eyes on the ground for you.

Our next Show 5 video submission deadline is the 11th April, using ODI Test Series B. We hope you can make it!

Please note, there will be a change to the schedule for our Final Show 6, where we will be using Test Series C (rather than the Championship Series). The reason for this is that, by popular demand, we will be hosting an Online Dressage International Summer Championships in May.

So keep an eye out for team spotlights and some exciting news regarding the Summer Champs, where we'll be running some fun, 'have a go' classes, as well as our classic Championship Series.

Congratulations again and catch up at our next show!

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