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Results ODI Autumn League Show 3

Always love show day: there are the highs and the lows - all in a day's work for a dressage competitor. Score sheets are already in your mail boxes so it's now time for those placings!

Super results for our riders, with some tough judging on the cards for our most challenging test series to date.

Hope you can join us for Show 4 on the 7th of November, when we cycle back around to ODI Test Series A to give you the opportunity to act on judge comments.

We also intend to finalise teams in the next day or two so it will be the perfect chance to keep each other motivated as we head towards our final Show 6 in December.

Again, congratulations! Hope you're enjoying every second and benefiting from the judge feedback. It's what it's all about!

The Team at Online Dressage International

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