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Running Order for Show 4 with Online Dressage International

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Can you believe we are at Show 4 of our Summer League already? So impressed at the drive and motivation of our competitors. As we all know, life doesn't make it easy and in the juggling act of horses, work, friends and family, it's often our own dreams that take the fall. However, this show, the dressage and your progress with your horse have rightly taken centre stage. Roll on results on Show Day on Saturday. Competition is really heating up for those individual and team league Championship rosettes and sashes. Until then, if you want to hit the ground running for Show 5, ODI Test Series B are scheduled so dig out those score sheets from Show 2 and get perfecting those mediums, centre lines, simple changes, halts and the rest!

Love all the team at Online Dressage International x

SHOW 4 RUNNING ORDER OnlineDressageInternational rev
Download PDF • 164KB

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