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Spring League Show 1 with Online Dressage International

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Absolutely thrilled to see so many new combinations joining our global dressage community for our first show of the Spring League. A huge influx of European competitors in our Specialist Classes, celebrating the diversity of our equine breeds and proving that dressage training is for every shape, size and level.

We also have some fabulous teams getting together and putting the emphasis on fun and friendship (whether it be virtual or in the barn) and cheerleading for each other: an attitude that the equestrian world could do with more of!

Also, delighted to see our In Hand Class becoming so popular and proving the versatility of in hand work: we have rehabbing horses (there is no better way of structuring the hard work of rehabilitation); youngsters starting out and seasoned handlers all availing of the chance to improve fitness and condition, as well as cementing relationships between handler and horse.

So welcome to the new faces and our regular combinations! Another league, another six shows of training, competing and achieving with your horse. Best of luck to all competitors on Saturday!

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