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Spring League Show 2 Running Order

Great to see some more new faces joining us for Show 2 of our Spring League. We'll be focusing on getting some teams finalised over the next week so drop us a message if you'd like to be matched up with a team of fellow dressage riders from across the globe, or even if you'd like to get a team together from you barn or yard. It's a wonderful way of making friendships with likeminded people and supporting one another along our dressage journeys, and certainly a high point of Online Dressage International.

Results published this Saturday: keep an eye out for some new judge names over the coming League. We work hard to provide fresh perspectives from all over the world and there's no doubt different judges can bring something new to your training table.

Best of luck to all our competitors. Test Series C with a deadline of the 14th of March for Spring Show 3!

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