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Spring League Show 3 Results

Certainly some combinations have really risen to the challenge of Test Series C: some top scores for our most difficult Test Series to date so congratulations!

Next show cycles back around to Test Series A so time to act on your judge comments from Show 1. It's all about troubleshooting those targets and seeing genuine improvements so dig out your digital Test A score sheets from last month. Deadline is midnight Monday 27th March.

Show 4 also sees the return of our very popular 'Progress Not Perfection' initiative. We are offering our ODI competitors the chance to dip their toes in the water of the NEXT LEVEL UP... HALF PRICE!

Valid for Show 4 only Enter code PROGRESS4 at the checkout ONLY VALID in conjunction with your normal entry at your current level

So, for example, you are currently competing at Proficient Level, you can add an entry at Achievers Level (half price) for Show 4 Entry Level riders can try our Proficient Level; Achievers riders can try out Experienced Level and so on... The perfect way to test the waters, present fresh challenges and give it a whirl So have a look at Test Series A for the next level up (our easiest test series).

Congratulations again and, of course, message us with any questions about 'Progress Not Perfection' for Show 4. Happy riding!

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