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Summer League News with Online Dressage International

All you need to know about our upcoming Summer League: there is that lovely sense of anticipation in the air and plenty of new faces arriving (judges and competitors!) so a brief run down of all the information you'll need to get started.

Summer League begins on the 6th of June, following our usual six shows every two weeks format, culminating in our Finals for both Teams and Individuals. Get the dates in your diary! Feel free to dip in and out of single shows as it suits or aim for our Leagues. Individual Leagues require four shows from a specific class out of the six, including the Final show, whilst Teams are comprised of four combinations, with top three scores to count over four shows. Team members can choose any class or level to contribute to their team scores.

We absolutely love 'match making' rider teams from all over the world, so if you would like to be part of an international team of riders, let us know. It's a wonderful way of making friendships with likeminded people and supporting one another along our dressage journeys, and certainly a high point of Online Dressage International.

To get started with our first show of the Summer league: simply check out our schedule on the 'Shows' page, choose your classes, purchase your entry and get practising. You will receive an email from the team where we will take your details: horse and rider combination; the level chosen (if it is a Pick Your Own breed/specialist class), plus whether it is a long or short arena. Breed/Specialist classes with Pick Your Own tests are run as Open classes but may be divided into sections at judge's discretion. For Western, Bareback and Bitless Classes, WDAA tests may be used (specify which one) and for our Freestyle to Music Class, please let us know which affiliated body's requirements you are following so we can prepare your scoresheet for your judge.

New additions to the schedule include a Prix Caprilli Class, as well as an online Concours D'Elegance Class affiliated to the Concours D'Elegance Society of Great Britain. Keep an eye our for articles on how to get started on this timeless tradition.

We will also be introducing a new Training Class, which will run continuously. It is the perfect way to perfect a test before a 'live' show and gain valuable judge feedback. Please let us know which affiliated body and test you are doing , as well as providing a relevant score sheet. ODI will have your test judged by one of our experienced and qualified panel of dressage judges world-wide, with an emphasis on constructive detail to inform training, plus exercises to implement based on your test goals. You will receive your test sheet via email and (although there will be no placings) there will be a rosette for every combination.

We will be using Online Dressage International Test Series A. Click this link:

Check out our website to find out how to upload your video (click this link: and if you have any questions at all, please just ask! Videos must be uploaded by midnight Monday the 6th June, with our show day releasing your results on Saturday, June 11th.

As you know the tests you will be riding in advance, you can choose to record your test for a specific show when it suits you (useful if you know you're going to be away or snowed under with work!). We will also be using Test Series A or B twice, meaning you can really focus on implementing the feedback from Shows 1 and 2. It's all about facilitating your progression!

We follow British Dressage tack rules (unless otherwise specified in show schedule). Our only exception is that wrap boots are permitted. No need for plaiting or show gear: it really is all about the dressage and making competing work for you and your horse.

So here's to making this league even bigger and brighter in our thriving and ever expanding global community! And of course: to following our mantra of 'Train. Compete. Achieve' every step of the way...

Love all the team at Online Dressage International x

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