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Time to get organised! Schedule for Show 5 has arrived!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

'Time to hit the ground running' is a favourite phrase here at ODI, so here's the Schedule for Show 5 in our Summer League. Nearly the final! The ODI Test Series B are scheduled for this show so it's time to get your score sheets from Show 2 and perfect those centre lines, half passes, square halts, medium trots and the rest! The key reason we use each set of tests twice is so you can act on those judge's comments second time round and it means that you can really take advantage of the detail online judging provides. We are genuinely committed to seeing you progress between the white boards over the course of a league.

So, it's ODI Test Series B, with a deadline of midnight on Monday the 16th of August and the all important results on Show Day, Saturday the 21st.

Stay tuned for a very exciting event we are planning for our final in September. What's the point of a final if it's not to make it a highlight? Championship rosettes and sashes are already ordered and we are looking forward to seeing some happy faces and big pats for our horses. They've earned it!

If you'd like to submit a test video for inclusion on our website gallery, we would absolutely love to have it, and, of course, keep those ribbon selfies coming in.

Remember, you can enter our shows as a one off or aim for the individual league. Message us if you have any questions. Our job is to help you #TrainCompeteAchieve and in the meantime, take care and happy riding.

Love all the team at Online Dressage International x

Show Schedule Show 5 (1)
Download PDF • 1.23MB

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