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Welcome to Show Day 1 Results with Online Dressage International

Results are in! And what a turnout for the very first show of our Fall league! We've had competitors filming in between downpours and blazing heat; riders contending with Covid isolations and bribing long suffering videographers; horses throwing shoes and flooded arenas. But you've all had the motivation and drive to make it all about the dressage. A big thank you to our five judges who work overtime to ensure their comments are detailed and constructive and can be used to inform your training. Show 2 will be using ODI Test Series B, so time to get downloading and learning those tests (we have had lots of submissions already!). As always, film from C and in landscape, and please state upon entry whether it is a long or short arena.

We have loved seeing both returning competitors as well as new faces and, even better, hearing about those new team relationships that are being forged across time zones as we head towards our second show. These teams are still being finalised and plenty of time to join one before the end of October.

So, congratulations to our combinations. You earned every single percent.

Love all the Team at Online Dressage International

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