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Welcome to the Online Dressage International Blog!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Time to get personal! Here's the place to catch up on all the ODI news, hints and tips and share your own personal dressage journey.

Welcome fellow dressage riders!

My name's Anna and I am manager here at Online Dressage International. My job is to make sure that you, the competitor, have access to the very best of judges' feedback (handpicked by us from across the globe), in a class perfectly tailored to you and your horse, on a timescale to suit you.

Our mantra here at ODI is very much 'Train, Compete, Achieve'. That means that, not only will you be able to compete from the comfort of your own barn, but also, as a company, we are wholeheartedly committed to supporting your progress and seeing you achieve your dressage goals. So whether you are just starting out, want to see real progression, or simply enjoy being part of a friendly online community - Online Dressage International are here to help, every step of the way.

In terms of my own background, I am a freelance equestrian journalist and the proud owner of two very different horses (a gentleman Friesian and a cheeky Connemara). I come from a dressage family, with both my mother and sister instructing and competing in dressage, and ODI is very much a labour of love and a personal passion for us. As well as ODI, I manage Pegasus Dressage Music, who specialise in bespoke music arrangements and choreography for dressage to music, so dressage (in all its forms) is very much both a passion and a way of life for us.

So why online dressage? I can honestly say that virtual competing has been a revelation for me. As a busy mum of three, I get the satisfaction and thrill of competing and progressing but at a time that fits in with my hectic schedule. No need to plait or worry about rushing! Furthermore, the judge's feedback is second to none: unlike a traditional competition, the judge can take the time to really assess your performance and offer constructive advice. This attention to detail means the opportunity for real progression.

Online dressage really is the perfect way to eliminate the stress from dressage - if you have a young horse, a horse who hates to travel or if you want to road test a particular level, then online competing is perfect. And of course, there is nothing quite like the excitement of show day when the results are published or the delivery of your rosette through the door!

So how does Online Dressage International differ from other companies? Firstly, we are a truly global enterprise and pride ourselves on selecting the very best in judges and coaches from across the world. These judges and coaches have specially designed our series of ODI tests for us - allowing you to correctly progress through the levels according to the scales of training. Secondly, we offer a class to suit every rider and every horse. We are firm believers that dressage should not be an exclusive sport and we are committed to supporting riders from grassroots upwards and celebrating every type of horse. From breed specialist classes to veterans and dressage to music - we have it all. You can rest assured that there will be a class to suit you and I can guess that you will be encouraged to try something brand new as well!

So what are you waiting for? Here at ODI we are really looking forward to meeting you and your horses. Follow us on Facebook for more motivation, chat and tips. See you there! Anna x

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