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Fall League on the horizon! Plus Flash Sale on Team Registration!

The team here cannot wait to get going on our new league and we have already had lots of entries in (new faces and regulars!) so it will be a busy one!

As always, we have been working behind the scenes matchmaking for some new international teams. If you would like to be matched with some team members from all over the globe, say the word and we will get you going. There have been some amazing friendships made during our summer league and it was definitely a real highlight of the competition. The support and motivation you gave each other is what the world of dressage should be all about.

To this end, we are offering a flash sale on team registration to our regular competitors so it will be completely FREE for a limited time. Just key in the promo code FALL27 when you order your Team League Entry:

As usual, you only need to do this once for registration. The hard part is choosing the team name! So when you've registered, team members simply enter whatever classes you like after that individually. Your best score from each show counts towards your team total.

Team totals are an individual's best four scores (not necessarily including final) averaged and added, plus we only take the top three to allow for a team member having to drop out. So you could actually enter with a team of three.

As always, it must be the same horse and rider combination but you could enter the same rider on two different horses if you're feeling motivated!

Any other questions, drop us a message and stay tuned for upcoming vlogs on both entering a class, and top tips for filming this week (we like to stay busy!). For the first three shows, we will be using Test Series A, B and then C, so you can plan ahead. And we have some new Test Series in the pipeline to keep you on your toes!

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Love all the team at Online Dressage International x

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