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Fall League Show 1 Running Order

The team here are incredibly excited to be beginning our Fall League and there is a definite sense of anticipation in the air as we welcome old faces and new from no less than eleven different countries.

Different cultures, languages and time zones but all with one thing in common: a love of dressage and a desire to get out there, keep motivated and achieve. Pretty inspiring!

Our four judges are ready to get going and you will honestly not find better feedback than they provide. As one competitor recently told us: her score sheet was like 'a mini lesson'. And that is one of the real strengths of online dressage showing - a level of feedback that can genuinely inform your future training. We are all about facilitating your progression, and helping you actually enjoy your dressage.

So please find below your running order for Show 1 (subject to change as we have a number of late entries this week). Stay tuned for more info on the individual and team leagues this Fall. Suffice to say, both leagues are going to be fiercely contested!

Show 2 deadline is the 11th of October, using Test Series B with Show 1 Results released this Saturday.

In the meantime, we are absolutely loving the pictures of the ribbons and sashes from the Summer League so keep sending them through. Testimony that every single type or breed of horse can succeed (and benefit) from dressage.

Roll on Saturday and good luck to every single one of you.

Fall Show 1 Running Order
Download PDF • 134KB

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