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Get ready for Fall Show 4!

Show 4 (8th November) is when we cycle back around to Test Series A. To that end, this is the time to put your hands on those score sheets from Show 1 and act on the judge's feedback. You can re-watch your Show 1 test video (embedded in your score sheet) alongside your comments, meaning your targets for this upcoming show should be crystal clear. This is where online dressage really comes into its own in terms of facilitating your progress.

Not long until the culmination of both our Individual and Team Leagues. You do not need to be part of the league to compete but this is definitely one of the highlights, with some gorgeous sashes and rosettes to be won.

To be eligible for league prizes, the same horse / rider combination must compete in four out of six shows (one of which has to be the final). Prizes will be awarded at the end of the league and these will be determined by the amount of entries in each class.

In terms of our teams: these are comprised of either three or four combinations, with the best three results to count. Team league prizes will be awarded separately, alongside any other league prizes.

We are really feeling the love for two things this Fall League Firstly, the progress and partnership which is so self evident with our riders and horses: that trust and commitment is what dressage should be all about. Secondly, the team spirit and camaraderie from dressage riders from all over the world is genuinely inspiring We wish you all the very best for Show 4!

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