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Online Dressage International Summer Show 4 Running Order

Competition is hotting up as we head into the second half of our Summer League. Those all important scores are being collected for both the Individual Classes and, of course, the Team League event.

We also continue to welcome new faces to the running order. Online competing naturally lends itself to flexibility and fitting around those inevitably busy schedules so dip in and out when you can. No need to plait or even get the show gear on, and travelling costs or warm up stress are a distant memory.

Fabulous to see so many combinations dip their toes in the water of the next level up as part of our #ProgressNotPerfection initiative. It has made for some very competitive (and exciting!) classes! And lots of you have personally thanked us for the opportunity, which is lovely. At Online Dressage International, it's all about your progression!

So best of luck to all our competitors and looking forward to results day this Saturday and celebrating your successes.

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