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Results for Summer Show 5, Online Dressage International Summer League

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

A super set of scores for our riders and a big thank you for your patience this week. We really do have such a wonderful group of riders competing with us. Hope you can make the Final Show next week. Test Series C. Deadline Monday 21st August. Find your test here:

As we hurtle towards the final show of this League, it's time to think about goal setting for the future. Of course, many of you will be aiming for the Individual Leagues (four class scores out of the six, one of which must be the Final Show).

As well as Individual Leagues, you will be thinking about your Team results. It is best four scores to count for each rider (in any class), and the top three rider scores will contribute to your overall scores.

Got questions? Drop us a message at or grab us on social media. Let's make it count!

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