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Concours D'Elegance Class

Concours D'Elegance Class


Your video should start with your horse filmed at halt.  Speak the class you are entering, your name and the date.


Your video should include the story of your costume: i.e. a resume. Alternatively, you can provide this as a written document with your entry via email.  


Ask your videographer to film you and your horse at a halt from all sides: standing to the front, back and both sides of the horse. You may zoom in on particular details of the costume you wish to highlight.


Walk away and perform an individual show; showing walk and trot on both reins.  Canter is optional and you will not be penalised for not cantering. Please refer to the score sheet for more information on how you will be scored. 


You can upload to You Tube or use WeTransfer at Contact us for our WhatsApp number. Don’t worry, we will confirm successful entry and receipt of your video. ODI will have your test judged by one of our experienced and qualified panel of Concours D'Elegance judges world-wide.


Prices include shipping for your rosette worldwide and we award rosettes for all placings, irrespective of class numbers.

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