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Current Standings for the Individual Class Leagues

After careful deliberation, we have opted for individual league placings based on your percentages. This means that your ultimate individual class league standing will be based on the average of your best three scores to date PLUS your final score from Show 6.

Eligible competitors are shown below, in current rank order, alongside the average of your best three scores to date in that class... so everything to play for with this final show. Some of these classes are very close at the top!

Sashes ready and waiting! Best of luck to you all in this final show. We have got to know all our competitors so well and are honestly so invested in your progress: the hard work, the highs and lows, and, of course, the commitment to getting up that centre line.

Contact us if you have any queries and happy filming this weekend. x

Show 5 Individual Standings OnlineDressageInternational (1) (version 1).xlsb
Download PDF • 197KB

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