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Online Dressage International Show 4 Results

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Results are in! Congratulations on all your hard work and tenacity - it takes a lot of strength of character to get up, tack up and show up when life doesn't always play ball.

Hope to catch you for Show 5 on 21st November. To celebrate #nostirrupsnovember, we are putting on a special offer for Show 5: enter our Bareback Dressage Class for half price.

For this show only, competitors may use a saddle but you must have NO STIRRUPS! This class is run as an Open Class so it is a Pick Your Own Level of test from Test Series B.

Enter code: NOSTIRRUPS to get this class entry half price and make your dressage coach happy (and exercise muscles you didn't know you had!).

Again, big shout out to riders in both hemispheres. The weather has been challenging to say the least but hopefully these scores will brighten up your day. It's close at the top in both our Individual and Team Leagues.

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