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Spring League Show 2 Results

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Congratulations to every single one of our Online Dressage International Competitors and, of course, their horses. We had four judges, over 100 riders from four continents competing in 26 classes ranging from In Hand to Iberian to Western and Driving Dressage - a genuine celebration of dressage in all its forms. Amazing to see arenas from all over the world (plus various wildlife sound effects!) with riders keeping motivated and excelling whatever their level. It's all about the dressage!

Show 3 is on the horizon, with video submissions by midnight on Monday the 14th March and using ODI Test Series C. Many of you are starting to think about the Individual and Team Leagues. For the Individual Leagues, you need four results in the same class, one of which MUST be the final. We will also be sending out some team invites on the horizon so message us if you'd like to be included: great way to keep the momentum going and support one another.

So another great show with healthy happy horses and talented riders. Congratulations again and here are your placings!

The team at Online Dressage International x

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